This is the frequently asked questions of this site, find your question and read the answer below.

1) How to find a restaurant open near me?
On the sidebar of this website, you will find a list of the cities in the US. Click on your city and you will be directed to a page with a list of restaurants that are open near you.

To start now, click here.

2) How to know when a restaurant is open?
On the restaurant’s page on this site, you will notice a line that says “Christmas hours”, there are the opening hours of the restaurant on Christmas.

How to select the best restaurant for Christmas?

3) How to select the best restaurant for Christmas?
This is a hard one, our recommendation is to visit the website of each restaurant near you, to check out the menus, and even to read a few reviews before you decide.

4) Can I suggest a restaurant to this site?
Sure, you can contact us via the contact page and send us the required details about the place.

5) What’s considered required information in order to add a restaurant to the list?
The required information contains the name of the restaurant, a type of cuisine, street address, phone number, and opening hours on Christmas.
The optional information includes email address, website URL, logo and pictures.

6) How often does this site updates?
This website updates regularly, but every year, the main update occurs a few months before Christmas.

7) Can I contribute to this site and how?
Yes. If you are a food lover, or a regular visitor in the restaurants next to you, then contact us, we would live to accept posts from people like you.

8) What are the terms and conditions of this website?
Visit this page to read the terms and conditions of this site.

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